are well-known not only in modern architecture.

Compared with carbon steel roofs the geodesic aluminium roof is light-weighted, non-corrosive, is easy in handling, is simple and fast to install, at low costs and has a long life expectancy. These facts make an Aluminium Dome a great investment and the right decision.

The ELSONT Heavy Duty Geodesic Dome Roof is the result of over 25 years of experience in practical tank equipment gathered and realised by ELSONT engineers.

Our aim is to provide a Dome to the tank industry, which is extremely durable and overcomes many design problems that exist in other well-established brand domes.

Our Aluminium Dome Roofs comply with API and EUROCODES. We assure fast and easy installation, leak tightness, strong connections of walkways to the dome structure, not to the battens (2 extra screw rails) and many more.

ELSONT has been working with many dome manufacturers from all over the world. This experience makes ELSONT the right partner for your tank revamp and maintenance plans.


ELSONT only works with the best! We supply and install the state-of-the-art materials!


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